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Learning to share our stories: Griot and the Black History Experience

SO great sharing our Black History Experience with Griot Arts' students yesterday!

Named for traveling storytellers, these "Griots" were learning their history so they can share it with the world.

We started at "ground zero" for the blues, and walked along the tracks that took Muddy Waters from Clarksdale to Chicago. We talked about why he left, along with millions of others in the Great Migration. We explored connections between the blues, churches, and civil rights here, and visited the businesses where civil rights heroes like Vera Mae Pigee and Aaron E. Henry worked toward change.

We even peeked inside the New Roxy and juked in the Bad Apple Blues Club, and talked about how the next generation of musicians and leaders (Griot included!) is carrying on our traditions.

Want to visit Clarksdale and experience a walk through history yourself? You can! Brenda Luckett is leading the next couple Sundays at 2:30pm.

Thanks to Griot's leaders and students, and everyone who supports these programs:

THIS is how we ensure our community's history of creative, inspiring work doesn't stay stuck in the past -- it's our present and future, too.

Griot students Experience Black History with Brenda Luckett in downtown Clarksdale, Mississippi (c) Shared Experiences USA


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