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Shared Experiences USA develops 'assets' that help communities

bring people to their towns.

Small towns across America are full of hidden gems.  But they're not always easy to find online, or open.


And who can blame the small business owner who steps out for a couple hours, when he hasn't seen a customer all day?


Yet that Gone Fishin' sign is disappointing for both the traveler -- and the Main Street that needs customers.


Shared Experiences provides travelers something they can book in advance -- and businesses a booking they can plan on.  It also has strong online marketing, so businesses can focus on what they do best.



Experiences are developed in partnership with existing small businesses, nonprofits, artists, and other experts who love their town.  We use an established process to identify what makes each place special, and how to share it with visitors -- in a way that works best for locals.


Each Experience uses a proprietary 10-point checklist to create consistent, repeatable magic.  When people have an amazing experience they can't wait to share, it uplifts both the town and the people in it.

Shared Experiences USA is headquartered in the Mississippi Delta, and currently focused on connecting small towns across our region.  By working together to promote our towns, we believe a rising tide rises all boats.


The team behind Shared Experiences has collaborated with local experts to develop self-guided tourism assets including markers, maps, and a GPS-enabled audio walking tour.


We draw upon local expertise and believe community-based development is essential for success.

Visit Clarksdale's African American Heritage Map launch & photos (c Shared Experiences USA
Big A Sherrod & Kingfish Live From Clarksdale at Ground Zero Blues Club (c) Shared Experie


Smart strategy integrates multiple marketing techniques to fit client objectives and strengths.  We tailor each campaign accordingly.

For example:  Live From Clarksdale was designed to bolster the town's reputation for hosting "Live Blues -- All 7 Nights a Week."  It streamed for 400 days in a row*, and continues to reach over 40,000 people internationally with twice-weekly shows.  It has grown beyond a pandemic project, still garnering international press -- and putting "heads in beds."


@SharedExperiencesUSA accounts create highly-shareable "behind the scenes" content that markets the Delta.

Team capabilities include livestreaming, high-engagement organic and paid social media campaigns, international community marketing, event production, and content creation including writing, photography & video.


Contact us for a portfolio ranging from World Championship events in Las Vegas to small-town Chamber campaigns.


*With one sad exception when Ben left us


Shared Experiences has produced, advised, or livestreamed from over a dozen festivals internationally -- during the pandemic.


We're proud to support a range of festivals, from Goat Fest to the Seoul-Clarksdale Blues Exchange, to the Virtual Juke Joint Festival.  The first of its kind, just weeks into the pandemic the Virtual Juke Joint drew 10,000 live viewers and reached over 200,000 people internationally -- from a town of 15,000 people.



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