Streaming Live Blues 365 Nights A Year (or however long this lasts)

Clarksdale welcomes people who travel from all over the world to the Mississippi Delta, the birthplace of the blues.  Our downtown has a rich tapestry of venues where you can hear the blues live -- all 365 nights a year.

To keep our community safe -- and the blues alive -- as people stopped traveling, we created...

Live From Clarksdale  

The last "normal" live music was in Hambone Art Gallery, where tourists and locals mingle with live blues (yes, on a small stage next to a small bar -- inside an art gallery) every Tuesday.  It didn't feel normal.

The next night, Red's closed.  For the first Wednesday in years.  But Lucious Spiller doesn't miss a gig.  He took the party online -- becoming one of the first musicians to stream in the pandemic.

We worked with him, then every other musician in Clarksdale, and eventually every venue in Clarksdale, to keep the blues alive every. single. night.

For over a year.

We wound up streaming for over 400* nights in a row.  The music never died in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

Read highlights of our journey here, and follow @LiveFromClarksdale on Facebook and Instagram or join our spam-free mailing list for updates.

*With one sad exception when Ben died and another for Blackout Tuesday.

Now that we're finally back to "live blues -- all 7 nights a week" in person, Live From Clarksdale continues to broadcast highlights for our friends across the world.  It's a virtual community that interacts with the musicians and each other live on Facebook.


As each show is scheduled, we'll keep this calendar updated with where to find them.  Big thanks to the Visit Clarksdale team for sponsoring this project and supporting musicians in our town.

Thanks to your online tips and Visit Clarksdale's support, we've kept over 55 musicians working.  Not a single one of Clarksdale's core musicians left during the pandemic.  In fact, a couple more have now moved here.

Thanks to them -- and you -- the blues never died in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

It's a new kind of virtual travel adventure we're embarking upon together.  Buckle up and join us!

Current Schedule

All Clarksdale-times: CDT

Links are also updated on our page at

Saturday 3/5

  • 10am Watermelon Slim sends a special message to our friends and extended community in Europe at Bluesberry in person and on their Facebook page.

  • 8pm Lala Craig & her Sheroes of the Blues -- that's Heather Crosse, Jacqueline "Jaxx" Nassar, and Jamiesa -- will absolutely rock Ground Zero's stage and live on the Ground Zero Facebook page.  Mark your calendar now: it's gonna be gooood!

Friday 3/11

  • 6:30pm DJ Hustleman & Deak Harp bring live music and tacos! to The Den on Yazoo Avenue, and live online on the Live From Clarksdale page.

Saturday 3/12

Sunday 3/13

  • 4:30pm Lady Australia Jones Honeybee Jones Neal brings classic Hill Country to the Juke Chapel at the Shack Up Inn and online on our Live From Clarksdale page.​

Friday 3/18

  • 7pm Bill Abel brings the blues to Hooker Grocer & Eatery for an incredible dinner, and live on his Facebook page.

Saturday 3/19

  • 9pm DieDra & the Ruff Pro Band -- the Alabama Blues Queen herself! -- returns to Ground Zero in person and live on the Ground Zero Facebook page.  (Show starts at 8pm; we'll broadcast the second set.)

Saturday 3/26

  • 10am Watermelon Slim plays his first gig back following hand-surgery-- it may be a harp heavy one!  Come support him at Bluesberry in person and on their Facebook page.

Sunday 3/27

  • 10am Néstor Pardo is here from Spain! and rocks Bluesberry blues breakfast in person and on Bluesberry's Facebook page.

  • ¡Feliz fin de semana! Clarksdalianos, vengan con hambre, y europeos, vengan con sed: Watermelon Slim y Nestor Pardo de España están haciendo un doble encabezado en Bluesberry Cafe. El brunch de blues del sábado (10 a. m., 3 p. m. GMT) contará con Slim, luego Néstor Pardo canta blues el domingo.

Saturday 4/2​​

  • 5:30pm Delta Dirt Distillery's anniversary party is celebrating 1 year on Cherry Street in Helena, Arkansas -- and they'll be launching something special...  The party is 4-8pm and open to the public!

  • We're going to go raise a glass and support our neighbors.  Come join the party online and enjoy some local Delta blues with us at 5:30 :)

Monday 4/4​​

  • 7pm Mississippi Marshall is launching something special... AND it's Bluesberry owner Art Crivaro's birthday!  Come "get some on ya" as Marshall says, and juke with us online on Mississippi Marshall's Facebook page.


Tuesday 4/5​​

  • 8pm Anthony "Big A" Sherrod returns to Hambone Art Gallery: drop in to say hi, and if you ask nicely, he may even let you request a song ;)  Come find us sitting inside at the "Hopeless Case Bar" and broadcasting online via the Live From Clarksdale page.​

Thursday 4/21

  • 6:15pm Keith Johnson & the Big Muddy Band host the Juke Joint Festival Kick-off, following annual awards at the New Roxy Theater and online via the Live From Clarksdale page.

Friday 4/22

  • 1pm Cadillac John's 95th Birthday Show & Blues Panel with Watermelon Slim, Lucious Spiller, Lala Craig & Big A at Cat Head, then along 3rd Street to Meraki on our Live From Clarksdale page.​

Saturday 4/23

  • 3:30pm Juke Joint Experience with over a half-dozen acts on stages around town, starting at the new Shared Experiences HQ and streamed on the Live From Clarksdale page.​  UPDATE:  We hit 3 Grammy nominees in 1hr!  Kenny Brown, RL Boyce and Jimmy Duck Holmes were just three of the fabulous acts we saw.  Watch it on replay to relive the experience.

Saturday 4/30

  • 3:30pm Kent & Gary Burnside tear it up together at Ground Zero Blues Club's stage and on their Facebook page.

Sunday 5/1

  • 5:00pm Jaxx Nassar & Lala Craig warm up for the Women In Blues festival in 2wks!  Live at Hooker Grocer & Eatery, and streamed on the Live From Clarksdale page.​

Thursday 5/5

  • 8:00pm Ground Zero Jam featuring a very special guest on Ground Zero Blues Club's stage and on their Facebook page.

Saturday 5/7: streams all afternoon!


May 12  |  5-7pm  |  VIP pre-party

May 13-14, 2022

our new Women in Blues festival

Clarksdale, Mississippi

Beyond February...  #BlackHistory365 continues: we are proud to celebrate Black history EVERY day through our actions and programs to explore the roots of the blues -- and keep it alive and evolving.  Check out our Black history page for photo essays, archived live shows, and the Black history tour we now offer.

Visit Clarksdale to experience live blues nightly (check the Cat Head calendar), and

book a Shared Experience including Deak Harp's Blues Experience and our Black History Experience,

-- both in downtown Clarksdale and available now.​​


If you can't travel yet, explore from home via our virtual tour or the Blues Trail Revisited podcast from award-winning filmmaker (and blues fan!) Ted Reed:


We miss y'all, and can't wait to see you soon.

Till then, we'll look forward to juking up together online!