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Women in Blues: our sheroes

That. Was. Phenomenal.

These women ROCKED the blues: dressed as their "sheroes," they were heroes to us all.

And what happens when one of us shows up to play? MORE show up and turn out: Arkansas sisters Charlotte Taylor, Dawn Cate-Bonner, and Rachel Fields came to support Lala, Jaxx, Jamiesa & Heather -- and when they all sang "Phenomenal Woman"...

I told Charlotte that night: some days I think I must be crazy to launch a new festival in just a few months- what was I thinking and whyyy?!

THIS is why. More of this please.

It's happening:

We loved being joined online by Libby Rae and all y'all, but missed you when we turned the camera off (and proceeded to party all. night. long.)...

Next time these badasses take the stage, all in one place on one weekend, come Visit Clarksdale and Visit Helena, Arkansas to experience it for yourself. May 13-14, 2022. has the sign-up so you'll get details as soon as they're announced.

THANKS to our Arkansas sisters for bringing yourselves and your voices; Heather Crosse, Jamiesa Turner, and Jaxx Nassar for being amazing all night long; Lala Craig for the leadership and vision in bringing everyone together; and my sister behind the scenes Tameal Edwards who gives us all a stage -- y'all rock our world.

xo -- Colleen & Live From Clarksdale.

Arkansas sisters Dawn Cate, Charlotte Taylor & Rachel Fields onstage with Sheroes Jamiesa Taylor, Jaxx Nassar, Lala Craig & Heather Crosse: now THAT'S girlpower! (c) Shared Experiences USA


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