Roadtripping or exploring your own backyard?  Welcome back!

Come explore the Mississippi (and Arkansas!) Delta in ways you otherwise may not experience on your own.  We invite local residents, musicians, leaders and goofballs to share their town with you.  They'll give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on our blues, bars, and badass nonprofits...or share something you hadn't known, from history to photography.  Each is unique -- and always a deeply knowledgeable, passionate, and "authentic" Delta experience.

All experiences are currently based in Clarksdale, Mississippi unless otherwise noted.  (Here's lookin' at YOU, Helena and Moon Lake!  Proud to invite guests to meet our neighbors, too.)

Covid status:  We've designed most experiences to be outdoors whenever possible.  Shared Experiences requests that all participants respect our guides and community by following best practices for public health and safety, including distancing and masking up indoors if you haven't been double-vaxxed for 2wks.  Some of us only recently finished our vaccinations, or have medically vulnerable friends+family.  If this protocol doesn't feel right for you, we're happy to recommend other tours, and welcome you back when it's safe for us to be together "normally" again.

Questions?  Just ask!

...Launching:  Juneteenth for the Clarksdale Black History Experience, June 25th for Deak's Blues Experience, June 30th for the Delta Diaper Bank Volunteer Experience,  July 15th for the Glendora Experience.  Welcome back, Travel.