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Women in Ag: Future Farmers of America

Happy St. Patty's Day to these future farmers and everyone who makes our world a little more green!

These Future Farmers of America just gathered at the Arkansas Women in Agriculture conference to learn from other inspiring leaders -- like Arkansas FFA Foundation head Jennifer Cook and Representative DeAnn Vaught.

Rep. Vaught is the first chairwoman of the state's Agriculture, Forestry & Economic Development committee, and a farmer herself.

Over 1/3 of American farmers are women -- and their farms produce almost $150billion in sales.

Organizations like FFA create programs that nurture them through a variety of careers in agriculture. We can invest in their future both by donating to our local and National FFA Organization -- and by mentoring this next generation of leaders.

Thanks to everyone who's planting seeds in some way. May ALL our fields be green and futures bright!

Rison & Whitehall FFA students with Rep. DeeAnn Vaught and Jennifer Cook at the Arkansas Women in Ag conference | March 16, 2022

Winter wheat in Coahoma County, Mississippi (c) Shared Experiences USA

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