Deak Harp's

Experience the Blues in Clarksdale, Mississippi
...with a real bluesman!

Step into the world of Deak Harp's Mississippi Saxophones & Blues Emporium -- with Deak himself!

He'll regale you with stories of the Delta blues life, show how harmonicas are made, and even rock out for you in a private session and behind-the-scenes tour.

This is a short introduction to Clarksdale and the blues.  We've curated, priced, and timed it with Deak so you get the most out of just a half-hour of time on your tour through town.

Harmonica Lessons

Learn how to play, or perfect, the Mississippi Saxophone yourself.  Deak welcomes learners of all ages and stages in learning to play "the harp."  With advanced players, he'll cover techniques like tongue blocking -- and for beginners, you'll walk away with your own basic harmonica and ability to actually carry a tune!

All experiences are available daily in the afternoons, if booked in advance.  Contact us with questions, and book online here: