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Delta | FARMS

The Mississippi Delta is home to some of the most advanced farming in the world -- come experience it for yourself!

We're gearing up for harvest.  Get off the beaten path and join us for a behind-the-scenes peek into a major "ag" operation.

Our first tour is Saturday, August 20th:

  • 3pm start at Stovall Store (6499 Oakhurst Stovall Road, at Hwy-1) and wear comfy shoes

  • $5 if you promise to give us feedback :)

  • Stay to enjoy cool drinks & live music from the Stone Gas Band, 4-8pm -- and tip, tip, tip the band!

The next tours are now available in September and beyond.  Contact us to schedule a custom tour for your school or fam+friends.

Book online:

$5 to celebrate our very first farm tour.  The whole community is welcome!  If you can't afford to take the whole family, it's okay: join us now, and just pay it forward later.

#protip:  Please buy book online in advance to pay by credit card.  If not, bring cash (which helps for tipping the band afterward!).

Thanks to the Stovalls for welcoming us.  Come back and join them for the Mighty Roots Music Festival September 23-24th!

Thanks for supporting your local family farms!