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Juke Joint Festival: ideas for 2020

How to show the love, and what to do with Juke Joint Festival now cancelled -- 10 ideas:


1) Rebook for our 12+ other festivals later this year -- most airlines let you reschedule without fees.

2) #supportsmallbusiness online: and others have great music, books & merch (later this week, Juke Joint might too).

3) If you do Visit Clarksdale soon, take the 90min GPS-enabled VoiceMap tour for great local history and culture while practicing social distancing.

4) Follow us at Shared Experiences USA for virtual tours and more soon.

5) Follow CARES Clarksdale Animal Rescue Effort and Shelter, The Higher Purpose & others for how you can help Delta nonprofits even from afar.


6) TIP MUSICIANS a little extra whenever you do see them play; this hurts for them especially.

7) Order takeout -- restaurants like Hooker Grocery & Eatery Clarksdale will deliver to your car.

8) Buy gift certificates: help with cash flow to keep staff employed now, and enjoy your fav restaurants+stores later.


9) Save the date: Saturday April 17, 2021 JUKE JOINT 2021!

10) Wash your hands, look after your neighbor, and stay safe out there y'all.

Bonus 11) Say THANKS to Roger, Nan, Bubba, Jon, City of Clarksdale, Miss Mayor Espy and all our officials, volunteers and business owners who are making tough decisions about whether/how/when to stay open right now. It ain't easy, and we appreciate you.

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