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Imperfect Gardening: getting started (video & cheat sheet)

Who else is inspired to start gardening? Come plant shopping as Mr. Martin Tribble talks us through what to look for and how to get started. Whether you’re a young’un or 50+, go grab your own tomatoes, herbs, flowers – whatever makes you happy – and we’ll grow something together.

Lessons learned/Cheat sheet: * If you want to do it, but don’t know how – you can! * Start small. Try pots. * Choose easy plants that don’t take up too much space: herbs, tomatoes, peppers, etc. * 3 types of tomatoes: cherries, romas, etc (classics); heirloom (better tasting, sometimes ugly!); hybrid (bred for better yield, consistency, disease resistance). * Easiest starter: cherry tomatoes – tasty, consistent, resistant. * Experiment: local nurseries have fun varieties! * Size: age is the main difference between small 3-packs and big 1gals. Bigger ones are a few weeks older, and shorten harvest time. Save money with smaller ones. Splurge if you want to be the first one in your neighborhood to have a tomato. * Ask for help! Your local nursery staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and wants you to be successful. * Again: “as long as they start small, they’ll learn it!” Mr. Tribble says we’ll all keep doing better…together 😊

Tips for getting started with your own Imperfect Gardening: Martin Tribble at the Old Time Farmer's Market in Greenwood, Mississippi

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