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April showers bring May flowers...

Hi friends, startups and fellow Imperfect Gardeners, what have you cultivated this Spring

Just as March brought a deluge of bad news, cancelled festivals, cancelled everything...we've also celebrated tiny sprouts and rebirths. I've been cursing the robins hungrily snatching worms from my garden, but just watched Mama feed a fat fledgling perched outside my window. I've watched musicians and local business owners try new things, and attempted a few myself. We've all been growing together...


Old-school bluesmen giggled with glee, seeing tips in their new PayPal and Venmo accounts for the first time. Juke Joint wasn't cancelled after all: we took the party online, and over 10,000 people came. @SharedExperiencesUSA didn't launch bigtime in person as planned, but we pulled off a 4hr virtual #SharedExperience with 24 people in 12 places for a live crowd on almost every continent. We launched @LiveFromClarksdale together, and this whole community kept alive our town's Live Blues, 7 Nights A Week. Amidst everything, the music never stopped here.


Again I cursed and cringed in putting my own face in front of the camera, sharing a different kind of expertise and experience in launching this Imperfect Gardening series. My tomato plants are already kinda crooked (oops), but my Johnny Jump-Ups are jumping! And there are more Cool Things on the way...


These days ain't optimal for startups, but this woman in business ain't quitting. This Spring, I'm pivoting: learning, planting, pruning, weeding...hoping this new growth will bloom.


This year's news keeps moving from bad to worse. Sitting in a birthplace of blues and civil rights as people die, rage, ache, struggle to breathe across the country, some days it's a struggle to find roots of hope.


As the sun sets on this last day of May, I hope the rain has washed away detritus and nourished your own gardens. Looking forward to hearing what you've all been planting, and watching it spring forth together.


Johnny Jump-Ups in bloom (c) Shared Experiences USA


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