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Now launching: "Imperfect Gardening" (video)

Now launching: "Imperfect Gardening," to help you not kill plants – and know it's okay when you do. Here's our first step-by-step intro: how to select cool stuff cheaply, and how to design and optimize your garden for your plants' – and your own – happiness.

Why garden?

"It's about learning, doing and sharing things together. It gets you outside, literally growing things. It's fun to get dirt beneath your fingernails. There's something soul-fulfilling about having your hands in the earth. There's something about planting and nurturing things that makes you feel more connected to memories or people you love.

This is something small we can all do to make the world a more beautiful place. To plant a little patch of beauty in your world, wherever you may be. To share it with your neighbors, family, friends, even strangers. Plants help you breathe.

So take a deep breath, and remember: IF YOU KILL IT, IT'S OKAY. It doesn't MEAN anything, except that you learned something, and have an opportunity to start again. You enjoyed it while it lasted. You can love it, and let it go.

That's what Imperfect Gardening is all about.

We're all sharing this experience together."

We've got friends from New York to Mississippi starting gardens. We're taking inspiration from our grandparents, and help from Old Time Farmer's Market and the Collective Seed & Supply Co.

How bout you?

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