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Buy a Goat at Goat Fest (srsly...for a good cause)

We're at Goat Fest today -- with Isaac the goat!

And Hank the goat farmer explaining why it's life-changing to give families the gift of a Heifer International goat.

Jimbo and Hank want YOU to buy a goat! Srsly: we're celebrating the awesomeness that is Goat Fest by donating goats to families in need via Heifer International. Goats are the gift that keeps giving: their babies generate generations of income as well as goat cheese, milk, and manure that improves crop quality and yield.

We passed a jar around, and between Cedric and Jimbo's sets, Goat Fest fans bought 4 goats! Help make it a herd:

THANKS to all the fans that have so generously shared the love; to Todd Laney, Joey Young, Hank Burdine and #HeiferInternational for helping make it happen; and especially to the legendary Cedric Burnside and Jimbo Mathus for so kindly opening their sets with Hank and Isaac the billy goat. Ain't nuthin' gruff about 'im.

Hank Burdine and Jimbo Mathus want YOU to buy a goat! (c) Shared Experiences USA


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