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Behind the Scenes (video): Mississippi Marshall's double life as a Fast Draw Cowboy

#TIL about Cowboy Fast Draw.

Apparently it's not unlike our blues community:

Turns out local bluesman Mississippi Marshall is also an international Fast Draw champion.

On our#LiveFromClarksdale stream today, people joined from all over the world (so cool!) to hear him play (blues, not guns). One introduced herself as Mustang Sally; another comment was "Hi to Mustang Sally from Idaho Belle."

Uh, what?

This Yankee has learned fun things in the South...hit PLAY to hear Marshall's explanation of cowboy aliases here.

My fav part: Marshall talks about how competitions bring a community of friends together from all over the world, and all walks of life, to do something seriously skillful -- while also having fun.

Sounds familiar :)

Love our blues family, our Clarksdale community, and now our cowboy friends!

(All of whom are invited to join Mississippi Marshall's next watch party online at the Bluesberry CAFE this Monday 6-8pm Central with Watermelon Slim. Should be good.)

Mississippi Marshall explains "cowboy fast draw" an parallels between Old West cowboy and blues communities | Clarksdale, MS | (c) Shared Experiences USA

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