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Thanks & a behind the scenes snapshot: The Masked Bluesman & Covid Chic

Well that was fun.

THANKS to everyone who joined our first-ever virtual concert-meets-tour of downtown Clarksdale!

Here's a backstage gem for you: The Masked Bluesman (formerly known as Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry) and Shy Perry rocking what Michael dubbed Covid Chic. The Perrys' set starts exactly 3hrs into the video: each segment's timing is now listed, so you can take your own virtual roadtrip, choosing your own "stops" along the way.

Shy actually rocked some stunning stems throughout the show, but when the cameras stop rolling, THIS is what a lady needs at the end of the day. #behindthescenes we preset where the tripod would be in each location -- but hadn't actually met Shy in person and had no idea she was that tall! So you could see her sing, or see her shoes...but couldn't enjoy both at the same time 😆 Shy and Bill are selling CDs and happy to hear from you online, and we'll host a watch party with them at Live From Clarksdale later this week.

It was honestly scary trying this for the first time, not knowing if the connection would drop at any moment...but it worked! Non-stop in one live stream, all 4 hours. And all 24 people were in all 12 locations exactly when and where they were supposed to be. AND they all sounded amazing of course, and had wonderful stories to share about the music and our town.

THANKS y'all. Clarksdale, Mississippi: we're doing just fine.

Shy & Bill "Howl-N-Madd" Perry (aka The Masked Bluesman)


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