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Superchikan's soundcheck: the Sanitizer guitar plays a new Corona-blues classic

We’re prepping tomorrow’s CHIKAN DINNER, and bring you this gem from Superchikan’s soundcheck: a brand-new blues original.

“This is about a little fella that was born 1 month ago, and he already 19 years old.”

Turn sound ON to hear Chikan's new, handcrafted Sanitizer guitar in action. (“So we can shoot that thing and kill it.” Obviously.)

Seriously: we planned to post AFTER the show, but this is too good to not share now. We’ll take you #behindthescenes later to share how Chikan handcrafts every one of his guitars. But if you have any questions about his guitars – or anything else – comment here before dinnertime Friday. We’ll ask him some over Chikan Dinner…so get started prepping your own chicken now!

James "Superchikan" Johnson #behindthescenes

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