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Now Launching: Live From Clarksdale... "Is this thing on??"

Now launching: #LiveFromClarksdale -- "is this thing on??"

Shared Experiences USA was about to launch as an in-person travel company; oops, can't do that now. Here's the thing: we're a social impact company designed to help the small businesses, nonprofits and people in our community.

We can still do that.

So in the last couple days I've been working with local musicians to find a way to keep Clarksdale's Live Blues alive.

This town has been in the midst of an economic revitalization -- with cool hotels (and even a hostel), sexy and authentic restaurants, and a whole community that thrives off tourism; we love ppl who Visit Clarksdale from around the world. Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Arts's Roger Stolle organizes (or cat-heards) musicians and venues every week to ensure there's Lives Blues -- 365 Nights A Year in Clarksdale, Mississippi.

We want to keep this alive. It hurts that we can't connect with each other in person...but we're all gonna keep doing what we can.

Through Hard Times in the Delta, that's what we've always done. So come join us! It should be a fun, different kind of travel adventure. Buckle in.

Starting...right NOW, at Hambone Art Gallery with Stan Street and Mississippi Marshall. Check Marshall's Facebook page for the live watch party -- we're having serious, socially-distanced fun over here. I'll post here and on the @SharedExperiencesUSA Instagram where to find live blues (and more) as it happens!


Shared Experiences USA founder Colleen Buyers still learning to take selfies, as she, Mississippi Marshall & Stan Street begin livestreaming from Hambone Art Gallery | March 22, 2020 | Clarksdale, MS | (c) Shared Experiences USA


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