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New in Clarksdale: Big River Bagels

Congratulations to Marisol & Kate on the grand opening of Big River Bagels in Clarksdale!

Here they're showing off the Sonoran and the Vermonter, named for where they each grew up.

Marisol, Kate & Ta'Kendria celebrate Big River Bagels' opening weekend at the Meraki Roasting Company (c) Shared Experiences USA

They started Big River in Cleveland Mississippi 4yrs ago, and it's been so popular they're now bringing it to Clarksdale.

In a perfect Delta partnership, they've set up shop inside the Meraki Roasting Company which provides jobs and training for young people -- and gourmet, locally-roasted coffee for all who love caffeine. Pictured here is Ta'Kendria celebrating a beautifully done latte!

Come visit the team at Meraki for breakfast+lunch bagel sandwiches every weekend, and bagels, cream cheese & coffee 7a-2p every day.

Also pictured here: the Sonoran with chorizo, egg, roasted poblano pepper, pepper jack cheese, and avocado; the Vermonter with turkey, cheddar, apple, arugula, onion jam, and honey mustard; the Deltan with pimento cheese, arugula & tomato; and the classic Rowdy Doyle with sausage, egg and cheese.


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