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Muddy Waters, Keith Johnson & his 'Big Muddy Roots'

Muddy Waters' grand-nephew Keith Johnson is usually onstage with his "Big Muddy Band" but today he joins us for a solo concert and conversation #LiveFromClarksdale about what it's like to grow up as 'blues royalty' in the Delta, and what it's like to learn about -- and return to -- your roots here.

He's joined in conversation with Rolando Herts of the Delta Center for Culture and Learning at Delta State University, which presented this free to the community... with thanks to Visit Clarksdale as well!

Keith Johnson in conversation with Rolando Herts, #LiveFromClarksdale in front of Cat Head

Post-Script: It really WAS a Delta Experience! The weekend storms had cleared by the time we started...then a single dark cloud poured halfway through the conversation...and the clouds began parting at the end. Thanks to both Keith and Rolando for being such champs, and the audience both online and in person for being so great about enjoying the whole experience. Delta folks are resilient indeed :)


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