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Morgan Freeman, Big A & Kingfish: great talent & good people behind the scenes

2 snapshots from behind the scenes as we livestreamed Kingfish Live From Clarksdale tonight (video below):

Christone "Kingfish" Ingram and Morgan Freeman came home to honor our friend Bill Luckett tonight. (Bill co-founded Ground Zero Blues Club with Morgan 20yrs ago, and remained its biggest fan until his death a few weeks ago.)

Morgan and Bill watched Kingfish grow up on this stage; he returns to it from his "662" tour with another Grammy nomination.

These men could live anywhere, but choose to make 662 home.

...Because this is indeed Ground Zero for something special. It's a place that nurtures great talent, and really, really good people.

Morgan Freeman & Christone "Kingfish" Ingram greet each other behind the scenes before his show #LiveFromClarksdale at Ground Zero (c) Shared Experiences USA

Another sweet moment in blues with Big A & Christone "KINGFISH" Ingram #behindthescenes:

Eagle eyed fans noted that's Anthony "Big A" Sherrod behind the mask, pumping up the crowd at the beginning of Kingfish's set.

Big A did more than work security last night: jump to 35:00 (video below) as he clears the crowd for Kingfish to sit down...

And you'll hear him standing beside our camera, not merely juke-heckling but still coaching as his former student draws out a note: "take your time, take your time!"

Live From Clarksdale -- behind the scenes: Anthony "Big A" Sherrod & former student Christone "Kingfish" Ingram at Ground Zero Blues Club (c) Shared Experiences USA

Kingfish grew up learning to play from local greats like Big A -- and Lucious Spiller, who opened last night. Longtime Lucious fans will recognize his stylings in Kingfish's last song: Purple Rain.

One of his mom's favorites, and a beautiful tribute.

Catch the whole set on Ground Zero Blues Club's page, and Visit Clarksdale or join us online for Kingfish's official Homecoming on December 18th. We'll also broadcast Big A, Lucious, Lala, Slim and more blues greats who tour the world but keep coming home to learn from and juke up with each other here.

Thanks for joining us. Hope y'all enjoyed the show as much as we and Big A did.

Video streamed live: Christone "Kingfish" Ingram playing Live From Clarksdale at Ground Zero in honor of co-founder Bill Luckett


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