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Mississippi & Arkansas Delta neighbors in business & spirit: Meraki Roasting & Wilson Cafe

More good news from the Delta: Meraki Roasting Company just filled their biggest order ever. That's a looong USPS receipt from the shipment going a couple hours up the road, to the Wilson Cafe in Wilson, Arkansas. Wilson and Meraki serve coffee, food, and ambience as chic as you'll find anywhere in the country -- right here in the Delta. This part of Mississippi is widely known as "The Delta" but our neighbors in Arkansas are just across the river, in a Delta region too.

This is a wonderful example of our wider Delta community supporting each other. The Wilson Cafe and Tavern sources ingredients locally. They chose Meraki for their coffee because of both its quality and its mission.

Meraki's students roast all coffee right here in the store, receiving mentorship and job training in the process.

We can all lift each other up, in so many ways.

Like drinking caffeine in cool places.

Thanks for your business, Wilson! Come visit us any time, and we'll do the same.

Love, Clarksdale.

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