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Local Ecohero Marc Taylor

Happy milestone-birthday to Marc Taylor, who's a shining example of the impact one woman can have on our world.

She started and near-singlehandedly runs the county's recycling program.  Several years ago she took the initiative to call Mayor Luckett herself, and worked with him and the City to build it.  He still fondly recalls driving out to meet Marc near what's now our recycling facility, and arriving to find her picking up trash on the side of the road by hand.

When you move to town, Marc makes time to personally walk you through our system of bins.

Her work and kindness touches individual people, our whole community, and the planet! 

Next time you see Marc helping Stan at Hambone's door, or driving around town in the city recycling truck, say hello and THANKS for another year making our world a little greener and brighter.

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