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Live From Colombia to Clarksdale

Carlos Elliot Jr. is a world-famous blues musician rocking Hill Country Blues -- from the South American Andes Hills.

He's a close member of the extended Clarksdale blues family, and performed live from Colombia in our 2020 Virtual Juke Joint festival.

So we're thrilled to welcome him back to Clarksdale... and he's equally thrilled to be here!

Here's his performance #LiveFromClarksdale with Bobby Gentilo and Evo Oviedo (who's here in Mississippi for the first time!). Look for highlights including Colombian cumba and:

The "Juke Joint Chapel" is what locals call the stage and super-funky bar ("The Gin") at the Shack Up Inn -- in what was the original gin at Hopson plantation.

Carlos Elliot ft. Bobby Gentilo & Evo Oviedo performing #LiveFromClarksdale at the Shack Up Inn, September, 17 2021


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