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Libby Rae Watson & inspiring women in blues

CHEERS to the women who inspire us!

Just finished broadcasting a personal inspiration, Libby Rae Watson. She's more than a talented badass, she's big-hearted and warm and FUN in a way that makes you want to be around her. She had a CROWD ready to go before we even started broadcasting at 11am. And these were folks who'd partied into the weeeee hours at @DeepBluesFestival last night.

There are also badass women behind the Deep Blues and @TennesseeWilliamsFestival we're all loving this weekend. Cheers to Robin and Lena and Hannah and Jen and Karen and of course the unstoppable Panny Mayfield.

You can watch the @Liberator and Alvin Youngbloood and Jaxx Nassar on replay at @LiveFromClarksdale online, or @visit_clarksdale to enjoy more talented ingenues at this afternoon's Tennessee Williams porch plays and at the @new_roxy_clarksdale thru Sunday.

Much love to the women behind the scenes and on center stage who make the magic happen and inspire us all! 🍻

xo --


Libby Rae Watson & Colleen Buyers share a women in blues experience #LiveFromClarksdale | Deep Blues October 2021 (Photo thanks to Deke Rivers!)


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