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Cat Head: Happy Birthday Roger Stolle

(Or as Red's poster would say: Rodger Stolle.)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Roger Stolle, and credit where due: Roger is the reason many of us are here.

He's the first person I met in Clarksdale when stopping through for 15mins last January. He "sold" the town so well, I flew back a few weeks later, stayed longer than intended, and have now started a business, rented a house, and been working to bring more people to Visit Clarksdale. None of which may have happened if not for Roger's introduction to the town.

Many others say the same thing. They stayed and now have amazing memories in town because they walked through Cat Head's doors and took Roger's recommendations. They moved here or started a business because of the live blues that now thrives 365 Nights A Year thanks to Roger. They met their sweetheart at a Juke Joint Festival, or premiered their first film at the Clarksdale Film Festival; Roger started both. What an impact for one guy!

Want to make Roger's day? He'd happily sell you a newly-arrived Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Arts shirt and a book (which I'll bet he'd sign for you) at If you've already read both volumes of his crazy shenanigans with legendary bluesmen, gift one to a friend. Think of it as a way to both #shoplocal and send birthday martini money to a friend.

Here's to another year of being awesome, Roger Stolle -- thanks for spending it here with all of us! 🍸

Roger Stolle behind the counter at Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art | Return trip to Clarksdale: February 2019 | (c) Shared Experiences USA


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