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Celebrating & unveiling Richard Ford's Mississippi Writers Trail marker in Clarksdale

We're honored to broadcast the celebration of Richard Ford and his Mississippi Writers Trail marker unveiling, #LiveFromClarksdale!

Video below. Jump to 12:30 to hear the incredible "love letter" he wrote to Clarksdale for the occasion. (I'm not crying, you're crying!) (Pretty sure half the audience was too.)

A proud Mississippian, Richard Ford is from Jackson -- but chose to have his marker placed here. Why? He wrote "The Sportswriter" during long days in our Carnegie Public Library. As he told the New York Times:

"The Delta is where I chose to live... Carnegie Library is a refuge. They offered me a haven. I want to be remembered in a place where people could go read books."

We're proud to honor Richard Ford here -- today and every day we see his marker.

Cheers to the Mississippi Arts Commission & Visit Mississippi for creating these markers where we can recognize great authors and their legacy.

And congratulations, Richard Ford!!! Our whole town is thrilled to share this moment with you.

Celebrating and unveiling Richard Ford's Mississippi Writers Trail marker in downtown Clarksdale, at the Carnegie Public Library (c) Shared Experiences USA


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