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Virtual Experience: Blues at the Crossroads (video)

#LiveFromClarksdale: a virtual experience of our town, its music, and the stories behind it all.

"The Crossroads" is a multi-layered story of both where we've come from, and where we're going.

We'll peel back those layers, and introduce you to the places and people in our neighborhood. It's 24 people, 12 locations, and 6 performances on a 4hr virtual roadtrip -- so buckle up.

For backstory on our community at the Crossroads, and how Sesame Street inspired us to answer the question, "Who are the people in your neighborhood?" read more here.

Here's the timing of each stop...choose your own adventure:

* 0:00 * Colleen & Shared Experiences USA intro and stroll up Delta Avenue: what you can see+do (even while socially distanced) when you Visit Clarksdale and the Mississippi Delta NOW!

* 7:30 * Wind! (oops) (PS uh, can you tell we filmed this for a live audience? glad you can enjoy it now! we're leaving it online as it happened, unedited wind and all)

* 8:00 * Chandra Williams & Guelel Kumba at Crossroads Cultural Arts Center: where the blues came from, and where it is going…

* 31:00 * Ronnie Drew at Bluestown Music: rockstar guitars, amps, and awesomeness – in person & online.

* 36:30 * Deak Harp at Deak’s Mississippi Saxophone & Blues Emporium: Deak Harp plays – AND makes – the harp.

*1:04:30 * Mark River at the Quapaw Canoe Company: a Mississippi River backstory on what it means to be Rolling on the River.

* 1:08:00 * Calandria and Zephaniah at the Meraki Roasting Company and Griot Arts: the next generation in action.

* 1:31:15 * Bubba O’Keefe from Visit Clarksdale explains the Americana Music Triangle, “the most influential music area in the world” – you are HERE. Bubba also explains B. B King & Ike Turner’s Clarksdale and Memphis backstory to “Rocket 88,” the first Rock n’ Roll song ever recorded.

* 1:39:30 * Jacqueline “Jaxx” Nassar & Lee Williams showcase Americana Music Triangle music that emanated from the Mississippi Delta: Robert Johnson’s “Sweet Home Chicago;” a medley of what they learned (and now teach) at the Delta Blues Museum; Alicia Keys & Tracy Chapman as examples of R&B and modern American music influenced by the blues; Ike Turner’s “Rocket 88;” and Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary,” Rolling on the River.

* 2:10 * Naomi & Jonathan King – reopening Levon’s for takeout service!

* 2:14 * Lucy, Robbie Jr. & Robert Weinstein at the Auberge Hostel – sharing the connection between New Orleans and Clarksdale – through music and hostels.

* 2:17:30 * Carol & Gary J. Vincent at Hooker Hotel – showing us how the pros do it, from Nashville to Clarksdale.

* 2:50:30 * Stan Street at Hambone Art & Music – outside Hambone Art Gallery, where you’ll find his art and music – and the Hopeless Case Band Live From Clarksdale every Tuesday night.

* 2:55:30 * Roger Stolle & Cat Head Delta Blues & Folk Art – bringing us home, with a tour of the coolest record/folk art/bookstore you’ll find anywhere.

* 3:00:00 * Shy & Bill Howl-N-Madd Perry are the grand finale, with a full-hour set reminding us why we’re “Thankful for the Blues.”


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