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Moon Lake

Coming (back) soon...

The Moon Lake Experience

Quapaw Canoe CompanyKathryn's on Moon Lake are partnering to offer a truly Delta outdoor experience:


Come canoe or paddleboard through the cypress groves of Moon Lake -- and enjoy a Kathryn's catered picnic on the water.


The experience begins with a behind-the-scenes tour of the historic Kathryn's on Moon Lake. See what makes their Southern fare so special, and why Tennessee Williams wrote about Moon Lake in his plays. Learn what an oxbow is, and how the waters you paddle were once the Mighty Mississippi.


Choose a stand-up paddle board or canoe, and take a specially-made Kathryn's Southern Picnic Platter out on the lake with you. Eat on the water in the shade of the cypress trees, and enjoy a truly Delta outdoor experience!  

If you would like to extend your day, we can offer directions to the local beach, towel rental, and a curated guide of things to do in nearby Helena, Arkansas.  If you'd like to stay for dinner at Kathryn's, reservations can be arranged -- we just might know a guy ;)


2.5hr experiences were piloted Labor Day weekend.  In 2021, they're currently available by request.  If you're interested, please contact us.

Launch party:

A Tale of Two Johns: Live From Clarksdale

Featuring John Mohead & John Ruskey

...Back together again!

Kathryn's proprietor John Mohead and Quapaw's founder John Ruskey have deep roots in Delta music.  Both are singer-songwriters who now run much-beloved businesses here... and have shared music and friendship for decades.

For one performance, they both played their original songs -- including one that John Mohead once wrote about John Ruskey's journey to the Delta.

We broadcasted online Live From Clarksdale, and will post a clip here... soon ;)

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