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Roadtrip with Mississippi Marshall


Y'all wanna live vicariously?

Got recommendations?

Mississippi Marshall and his sidekick Taco (yes, he's a bluesman AND a world-champion cowboy, and Taco the Dog is his bodyguard) is roadtripping cross-country to get back to his family+grandkids. He's driving from Mississippi to Idaho now, and might even play a couple tunes along the way.

Where should Marshall stop, and what do you want to hear? He brought his guitar, of course... He's spending the night somewhere outside Rawlins WY now, then making his way to Salt Lake City and Boise tomorrow. After a couple socially-distanced weeks in Idaho, he'll drive back from Boise to the Delta: all roadtrip recs welcome, especially for routes+roadside family-time with cool teenage grandsons :)

Join Mississippi Marshall as his Social Distancing Tour becomes a cross-country TOUR!

Mississippi Marshall and Taco the guard dog hit the road in Clarksdale, Mississippi


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