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Live in the Time of Corona (video): "They Try to Wash Us Away..." the night one world closed

We have a strong history of playing our hearts out in tough times here.

"Louisiana 1927" is about the Great Mississippi Flood that devastated everyone, especially our most vulnerable citizens.

Backstory: Mon nite LaLa Craig dreamt she played this song, after losing 70% of her income in one hour (when Juke Joint Festival cancelled and Ground Zero Blues Club closed). She swallowed tears to finish playing it onstage with Stan Street and Mississippi Marshall last night.

We're working on how to help musicians and small businesses get through this (if you're here+healthy, Stan wants you to know Hambone Art Gallery will be open for a Guitar Workshop performance Thu 8pm). We'll share more soon...

In this final verse, Lala answers the chorus of "They're trying to wash us away" with her own "But they're not going to."

She asked afterward if that came across okay.

Absolutely, LaLa. Absolutely.

Live From Clarksdale: Lala Craig, Mississippi Marshall & Stan Street the last night Hambone was open to the public | March 17, 2020 | Please contact Shared Experiences USA for permission to publish.


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