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Life Goes On, in the best of ways

#LifeGoesOn, in the best of ways.

Amidst all this, the amazing @leonettepep just bought her first house.

Leonette Henderson and the keys to her new home!

Sarah and Frank got married on the front porch of theirs.

Frank McKenna & Sarah Hughes' front porch wedding on their steps at the Shack Up Inn

Ice Man celebrated a birthday with a small and socially distanced but rousing crowd of 3.

Joe "Ice Man" Williams, Arthur Crivaro & Watermelon Slim celebrating Joe's birthday

Jaeshia held a photo shoot to capture the achievement of graduating high school; she's heading to Coahoma Community College this fall, and is determined to make her daughter proud.

We're so proud of you, Jaeshia!

CONGRATULATIONS and so much love to all of you!

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