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George & Goldie and Delta generosity

QUESTION for anyone who has historic Clarksdale photos, and a story about Mississippi generosity:

1) Anyone have old photos, particularly of when MLK spoke here or Elvis played here; the Civic Auditorium; the Crossroads; juke joints; Cutrer parties; Moon Lake (esp. Conway Twitty's or Uncle Henry's); or the many civil rights sit-ins, marches, and other actions here? We're working on a history project with Visit Clarksdale...

2) Thursday afternoon, we called George and Goldie Hirsberg to ask if they had photos of Hirberg's Drugstore. It's the only place Muddy Waters is documented as having heard Robert Johnson play. They didn't. We thanked them and hung up.

Friday morning, Goldie calls back. From Memphis. Where they've just driven to pick up a box of old photographs and newspapers from George's cousin. A few hours later, they're on my doorstep with the box.

I almost told Goldie: I sure hope they didn't drive all that way the very next morning, just because we asked for a photo... But I didn't even say so. Because I know they probably did. And she wouldn't want to make a big deal of it. Because that's how big-hearted and generous they are. And how far out out their way, literally, they will go for a neighbor. Without even telling you they're doing it, until it's done.

Pretty incredible. One of so many reasons we all love George and Goldie. And the Delta.

Anyway, don't go as far out of your way as the Hirbergs did. But if you have any gems in your own archives, or know who does, let us know!

George Hirsberg with cousin Bubba's archives (c) Shared Experiences USA


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