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Diaper need as a window into poverty: Chelesa & the Delta Diaper Bank in the Washington Post

Heroes being recognized for their work!

This is a great article on how "diaper need is a window into poverty." And how Chelesa and the Diaper Bank of the Delta are doing incredible work supporting families here.

As WaPo points out, "No federal aid or welfare program covers diapers." On this first day of #WomensHistoryMonth, we'll add: they don't cover period supplies, either! That's one reason the Diaper Bank of the Delta started "It's That Time, Girl." It's heartbreaking reality here: if you scrape by each week to afford diapers & baby food, you may skip buying pads for yourself. So in addition to offering diapers and food and lactation consulting and parenting class and more -- they also give away period supplies.

The other thing WaPo doesn't publish, but we! can! is: here's how to support the Diaper Bank directly.

  1. or CashApp:$DeltaDiapers or Venmo @DiaperBankoftheDelta (the name comes up as Chelesa Presley; she's a big hero behind it all)

  2. Email with other ways you can help.

  3. Share their story.

IF you can't read the article, here's a snippet:

Since the Diaper Bank started in Clarksdale's Walmart parking lot in 2016, it "expanded its services and became a safe space for families trying to navigate poverty, Presley said. It has helped dozens of homeless women, many living in their cars, find housing, and aided clients in securing employment, GEDs, driver’s licenses and auto insurance. Her team also has worked with victims of domestic violence and trafficking.
In 2019, Presley’s group distributed 75,000 diapers to nearly 2,000 families on a $25,000 budget. Presley said she went into 2020 hoping to raise $35,000, but the pandemic shut off donations and moved the nonprofit to expand its service area far beyond north Mississippi: down by the coast near Biloxi, to Choctaw Indian communities, a homeless encampment in Jackson, students at Rust College in Holly Springs."

They just gave away 300,000 diapers last year. During the pandemic. On a five-figure budget.

#SmallButMighty y'all. CONGRATS on the coverage, Chelesa & Diaper Bank team. And thanks for all you do -- recognition or no.

Chelesa Presley & the Diaper Bank of the Delta in the Washington Post

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