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Hot in Helena, Arkansas: cool new businesses downtown

Festivals are fabulous...but so are small towns ALL 52wks a year! Have you been to Visit Helena, Arkansas recently? While it's known for the King Biscuit Blues Festival, there's a buzz building on Cherry Street downtown. Here's what's new:

1) Delta Yoga Collective's near-daily classes for all skill levels, in cool spaces like the new BASH Fitness -- and the historic Edwardian Inn.

2) Delta Dirt Distillery is mixing swank cocktails from their family-farmed sweet potato vodka -- and giving distillery tours upon request!

3) My Sweets Paradise, LLC is an ice cream parlor around the corner (in what locals remember as Bailee Mae's) now serving a bajillion flavors of Tillamook ice cream.

4) The Delta Cultural Center just opened a new "Expressions of the Blues" exhibit by Carol Boss and is featuring another on Black Baptists During Jim Crow.

We just hosted a few dozen "Biscuitheads" celebrating the spirit of King Biscuit. From stage, Arkansas Bros.' Tim Hoggard pointed out that festivals like the Biscuit are vital to towns like Helena... and that we can still visit and support the town. Festival or not.

Yoga, vodka, ice cream & culture: how's THAT for a fun way to #SupportSmallBusiness in a small town like Helena? All 52 weekends a year.

Hot in Helena, Arkansas: new yoga, bar, ice cream shop, and Cultural Center exhibits (c) Shared Experiences USA


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