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Thanks-giving: Harvest in Mississippi

As we scramble into our kitchens, big THANKS to the farmers scrambling to finish their harvest -- and all American farmers who put food on our table.

This is the last of the rice harvest yesterday (and one of the tractor drivers phoning his wife to say it's gonna be another late night at the office!), in one of our favorite fields near Drew, Mississippi.

Did you know more than 80% of the rice we eat is grown on American farms?

The Delta is famous for its fertile soil and cotton crop. But rice, corn and bean acreage has been increasing here too. Bolivar County, along the Mississippi River, grows the most rice in the state -- and Mississippi is one of the top 5 rice producers in the country.

Mississippi is also in the Top 5 states for -- guess what?? Sweet potatoes!

Small-town Vardaman, Mississippi is the mighty Sweet Potato Capital of the World, the center of our state's harvest...of over a HALF-BILLION pounds.

So whether it's sweet potatoes or rice and beans on your table, don't forget to say thanks to the farmers who've been working all year for the bounty of this harvest!

Final rice harvest of the year, in Bolivar County Mississippi (c) Shared Experiences USA

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