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Farmer's Markets in Clarksdale & Lyon

Tis the season: the Farmer's Market has returned!

Saturdays 9am at @collective.seed you can find jam and beautiful 'maters from Jimmy & Patricia at Magnolia Gardens in Lula, produce and ceramics from Joey at @lambfishart, local fresh flowers and more!

😷 Holly & Madi have handmade over 600 masks in the past couple months and kindly took a custom order for us. If you missed them today, Holly sells them at her office, the Planter's Bank downtown.

🍪 And if you missed Lorelei's Girl Scout cookies, you can buy them at the Collective all week long. They're not homemade but they do support a #youngentrepreneur!

Coahoma County is also blessed with a second #farmersmarket on Main Street in Lyon on Tuesdays at 5:30pm -- see y'all there!


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