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A Mississippi Delegate's Journey to the Convention

Behind the scenes: first-time delegate Jen Waller shares what a National Convention is really like, explaining why conventions are like giant pep rallies, and glimpsing what we didn't see on TV. She also shares a personal and inspiring story of what she overcame and why she left the experience of a lifetime to come home and serve small Delta communities (that's US, Panola, Sunflower, Bolivar & Coahoma!).

Jen also connects her own journey to other small town folks', and the work of local nonprofits like Spring Initiative & Griot Youth Program: "It IS about having role models who show you that you can do more & be more. And you're not stuck in a little small town that doesn't have a lot of opportunity. You can find ways to expose yourself to other opportunities."

We recorded mid-Convention on the 100th anniversary of women gaining the right to vote. As Jen says, "I think it's important for everyone -- and especially today, for young women -- to tell their story. Everyone's story matters and will resonate with someone else. That's how you connect. You connect with someone else by telling your story, and listening to their story. Then you can come together and make a difference."

Jen thought we'd find it boring, but THIS is what democracy looks like -- how cool! Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Jen.

(+Bonus Mississippi-moment at the end, because we all need a little lightness from neighbors like George+Goldie who drop by with love n' 'maters!)

Delegate Jen Waller shares her experience at the Democratic National Convention


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