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3 Things to Do with Marshmallow Peeps

"Please Mom, pleeease?"

Top 3 Corona-friendly things to do with PEEPS, for kids and grown-ups alike:

1) Give them a tour of your town. Or your backyard. We toured Clarksdale, Mississippi here: Where are you and your Peeps?

2) Science experiments! Our science class had an annual Carnival of Peeps: classic science experiments -- hypothesis, materials, methods, results, conclusion -- that could test anything, so long as it involved PEEPS. Shout-out to the now-parent-teachers & cool science teachers of the world (with credit+thanks to The Nueva School's Lori Lambertson, now at the Exploratorium).

3) Peep dioramas. If you're in search of arts & crafts projects, a quick Google or perusal of Washington Post contests offer great inspiration.

PEEPS last forever, get better with age, and aren't being hoarded yet: what could be more perfect these days?

Happy Easter and chag Pesach samech, from our Peeps to yours!🐣

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