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Celebrating Head Start with a downtown Clarksdale parade

Such a fun parade celebrating Head Start!

Born out of the civil rights movement, Head Start still uplifts all families with "the belief that every child, regardless of circumstances at birth, has the ability to succeed in life." President Reagan declared October national Head Start Awareness Month. This parade brought awareness, sequins, and smiles to downtown Clarksdale:

Families came from Friars Point, the Jonestown Head Start Center, and all across Coahoma County. Scroll below for snapshots including:

  • The Li'l Pumpkin Patch and The Great Pumpkin

  • Johnny Newson riding high

  • Lyon Elementary's Miss 5th Grade

  • The littlest Viking, driving her golf cart in the Head Start parade! The Vikings Motorcycle Club of Clarksdale may look like tough guys on those big bikes, but their big hearts support so much in the community.

  • The Dupré and Stumpf families who came to @visit_clarksdale from New Orleans and were thrilled to see the parade a few blocks from their stay at the @clark_house_inn. They're going home with quite the haul of new shirts and masks and candy, oh my! They loved the dance team especially, and have been dancing down the sidewalks ever since.

Coahoma Opportunities says, "THANKS Coahoma County for supporting Head Start. If you have a child aged 12mo to 5yrs, come see us! We give them an excellent start in their education."

We say thank YOU to Coahoma Opportunities and all the Head Start centers who support our littlest citizens... and to everyone in the parade this weekend! We're still smiling and dancing.

Coahoma Opportunities Head Start kicks off the parade in downtown Clarksdale (c) Shared Experiences USA 2021

A few of the fantastic floats celebrating Head Start in Coahoma County (c) Shared Experiences USA 2021

(And yes, that's our Shared Experiences Airbnb you spot in the background -- it's a great front-row seat to everything happening in downtown Clarksdale!)

The Dupré and Stumpf families from New Orleans, enjoying the parade in downtown Clarksdale (c) Shared Experiences USA 2021

Video: experience a moment of the parade in action with the Delta Jewels and Maroon Typhoon marching band from Coahoma Community College

Video: "Thank you and come join us!" from Coahoma County's Head Start


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