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Delta land is famous for being some of the richest in the world.

But Google "Mississippi Delta farming" and it's bad news.  "Mississippi Delta Farmers Wither Under Weight of..." and "American Farmers Are In Crisis" and "Mississippi Delta Farmers Face Another Difficult Year..."

We want to change that.


It's true times are tough and farming ain't easy.  But it's also true our farmers are resilient, cutting-edge, and world-class.  We have so much to be proud of.

We want to share Mississippi Delta farming with the world.

Want to help?


We're looking for farmers who:

  1. Took photos & video (or are game to).  Snapshots from the cab, sunset beauty shots.  Your crop, fields, farm families.  Specialized stuff too: newly laid poly pipe, particularly pernicious pigweed, R+D trials of cool new hybrids, grading in action... 

  2. Welcome visitors.  We've got PLANS!  And know from personal experience: sometimes city slickers could use a little help differentiating a "bin" from a "silo," or a picker from a combine -- and understanding exactly why people write songs about "John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16."

  3. Can connect us with other farmers who'd want to help.

What're we going to do with it?

Make the Delta look good!

We're working on a few projects that share the Delta with the world.  Shared Experiences was founded as a travel company, but we think there are lots of ways to share the American experience -- in person and online.

What do we know about farming?

Shared Experiences founder Colleen led business strategy, production planning, and R&D for major ag companies.  And yes, she's done a stint in Silicon Valley marketing -- crop marketing.  She specializes in translating hort-speak to consumers, sharing what's special about a crop...and its farm.

You know it best:  farming IS a shared experience.  We want to capture what makes it great -- and share it with the world!

Let's talk:
Contact me:
Let's discuss:

Thanks for connecting!

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