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(and diapers)

This Mother's Day, honor your own mother with a gift to others.

...and print+fold a card at home!


Mississippi Delta families struggle with a lot.  But we have incredible organizations supporting them here.

Here's what they can do with your gifts...large and small!

Diaper Bank of the Delta gave away over 350,000 diapers last year to families who couldn't afford them.  Their truck travels to small, rural towns where many moms don't have cars, bringing diapers, period supplies, books, and food to moms+families in over two dozen counties.  They also provide lactation support, parenting classes, a milk bank and more.

  • Read the Washington Post's coverage and more about these heroes' work here.

  • Donate $5 to buy a whole month of diapers for 1 baby (national partnerships help them buy Huggies at a reduced rate).  Even more buys sanitary supplies, books, food & more.


Greater Delta Teach for America lifts up teachers, students, and school systems here.  They've navigated the pandemic with kids and parents who don't have wifi, created processing+healing spaces, and led students on a trajectory toward access and opportunity.  Over half of Delta TFA alums remain educators, counselors, and even leaders in local school systems.

  • Follow both teachers and alums on their Facebook and Instagram.

  • Donations of any amount support programming for both teachers and their classrooms.

Griot Arts empowers students through after-school arts programs and workforce development.  Griot supports kids' paths through both school and life; their students have a strong graduation rate -- even through the pandemic.  Their Meraki Roasting Company provides training in practical, social, and emotional skills (and excellent coffee).

  • Read about Griot's work this year here. 

  • $25 provides a day of after-school snacks for all students.  $50 buys a month of art supplies.  $120 supports a scholarship for 1 student.  $150 provides an instrument for a student.  $300+ supports art classes, field trips, summer camp and more.


Lower Mississippi River Foundation connects kids to their environment.  They run programming in schools, on shore, and on the water, making the Mississippi River accessible to all.  Through the pandemic they helped create online backyard excursions, and are once again offering Community Canoe Trips.

Clarksdale Fuller Center for Housing builds homes with new homeowners and educates people on the roots of systemic poverty here.  They welcome volunteers from across the country, and partner with local families in need of decent, affordable housing.

  • Learn about how "Sweat Equity" works here.

  • Donate to help them buy the construction materials & supplies that make a house, a home!

Clarksdale Animal Rescue and Shelter saves struggling animals, and gives them a new life as happy pets with loving families.  They also reduce the local need for sheltering and support local pets and families through programs like spay/neuter clinics and a pet food bank.

  • Follow CARES on Instagram or Facebook for sometimes heartbreaking stories of the struggles their animal face -- and heartwarming "pupdates" about all those who've found homes with happy families.

  • Small donations are a big help for things like dog food, cat litter, and leashes.  Big donations support ongoing shelter, vet bills, and more.  Read more about how donations help and what they've already accomplished here.

Support live music by shopping our webstore, or tshirts, hats, prints & frames (Live From Clarksdale, Delta Blues & Moon Lake Experience designs) at our Mother's Day pop-up in downtown Clarksdale, next to Stone Pony, 1-4pm on Mother's Day.

Donate to one or several organizations here.  We'll send your gift directly to them -- in honor of whomever you choose -- and they'll send you a thank-you for your 501(c)3 tax records.

Support moms & families throughout the Mississippi Delta
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Thank you for supporting moms & families throughout the Delta!

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