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Winter Wheat & the modernization of Mississippi Delta agriculture

I see fields of December?!

Yes: that's 'winter wheat' beside a former cotton gin.

It's sown in fall for an early summer harvest. Its first 'vegetative' phase is hardy through frost, and actually needs cold temperatures to trigger the reproductive phase that produces the wheat that feeds us.

This 'vernalization' of fall growth, winter hibernation, then spring flowering is an inspiring metaphor for us humans!

You may see more of it throughout the Delta as prices improved and some farmers 'double-crop' -- alternating a second crop, usually soybeans, in the same field that year.

Crop rotation is also good for the soil.

Locals may recognize the King & Anderson gin in the background here (visitors: find it on Friars Point Road just north of CCC and Clarksdale), a reminder of agriculture's ongoing transformation.

Cotton remains the county's biggest crop -- but this winter wheat is one more way Delta farmers are modernizing ag and building more profitable and sustainable business here.

Winter Wheat in the Mississippi Delta (c) Shared Experiences USA

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