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Watermelons, weather & old-school farmers markets

Old-school farmers market:

Anthony's selling these 40lb beauties -- with local cantaloupe, 'maters, okra, beans and homemade hot sauce -- off the back of a truck here!

They're all #MississippiGrown in Yalobusha County, home of some of the world's best watermelon.

Sad #farmfact: watermelons reach peak size and sweetness through a specific combination of rain, sun, and warm weather -- and last month's rain approaching peak season ruined much of Mississippi's watermelon crop.

So when you see a beauty like this now, it's something to celebrate.

With a bonus: Anthony's truck drivin' friend just brought these pluots from California! How's that for teamwork?

Come say hi and pick up some fresh produce in the old Kroger lot on State St near Anderson, noon-5p most days.

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