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Virtual stroll: Clarksdale's winter wonderland

We went walking in the winter wonderland that was Clarksdale, Mississippi this morning! For those who missed it, here's a virtual stroll for you...

Snow catches on a magnolia, foreground; the Alcazar and McWilliams building are the historic buildings in the background.

Snow melts on the Auberge truck, parked in front of Hayden Hall's mural "Delta Roots."

The Auberge is the newest (and only) hostel in Mississippi, a chic space that was once Morgan Freeman & Bill Luckett's fine dining restaurant, Madidi's.

All's quiet on 2nd Street, for now... come back and you may spot Floyd in the window -- as his sign says, "Wave to the Editor!"

That's the Civic Auditorium on the right -- and yes, the King WAS in the building.

St. George's Episcopal Church is on the left. To the right, the Rectory where Tennessee Williams spent childhood summers with his grandfather Reverend Dakin Williams.

Tennessee Williams' play "Summer and Smoke" features an angel statue likely inspired by this one, in the Grange Cemetery. In his play, the name carved beneath the angel is "Eternity." Here, it's "Murphey."

So many pretty churches downtown! This one is the Clarksdale United Methodist Church on 2nd Street.

The park at Sunflower and 3rd Street features a handcrafted Sunflower River Walk archway, with stairs leading down to the river.

A river runs through it: Sunflower River, through the heart of downtown Clarksdale.

Perhaps too chilly today, but Quapaw Canoe Company will take you on the Sunflower or Mississippi River most any day.

All's quiet now, but come on back to Bluestown and pick up a classic guitar or amp from Ronnie Drew.

Ayler the Cat Head pug does NOT appreciate snow. Roger Stolle does! And he'll remind you is open whether it's a snow day or no.

The Delta Blues Museum stage is home to many festivals and shows that've been on ice... We can't wait for spring. Til then, Live From Clarksdale is keeping the blues alive all 365 nights a year.

Early bloomer. Japanese Magnolias are always the first to bloom. Join us for #MagnoliaWatch 2021, and let the countdown begin... We think it's gonna be a good year.

All photos (c) Shared Experiences USA

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