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Virtual Experience: Mississippi Delta Grain Elevator Tour

TIL (today I learned) "smut" is an actual disease, rice bran comes from the milling process, and farm math is fun.

Join us in learning how American farms process rice, and tour a working grain elevator in the Mississippi Delta.

Pandemic addendum: this was filmed and published at the onset of the pandemic, as American grocery stores began selling out of toilet paper, food, and essential items.

The Mister Rogers-style "How Stuff Works" was a soothing respite as everyone retreated into lockdown. It was shared internationally, prompting outreach from as far as Nigerian rice farms. And Asa's "elevator" processed over a million bushels of rice harvested in 2020.

Take a tour with Asa here:

Filmed on location in Drew, MS | March 2020 | (c) Shared Experiences USA

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