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The Grumpy Rabbit: Lonoke, Arkansas' coolest new restaurant

Happy birthday to the Grumpy Rabbit, which just turned 1 year old!

It's one of the coolest new restaurants in the country, in the tiny town of Lonoke, Arkansas (pronounced Lone-oak).

Just 25min east of Little Rock, Lonoke calls itself the "front porch of the Delta."

Take a road trip and you'll see why: it's the beginning of long, rural road through FLAT Delta land. And everyone's totally front-porch-friendly.

The Grumpy Rabbit embodies the best of next-generation Delta revitalization. It's a collaboration of longtime and young new residents: top in their fields, they -- and the restaurant itself -- would be in hot demand in NYC or LA... But choose to be HERE.

And it is GORGEOUS.

Even its bathrooms are an Insta-dream. Kudos to owners Gina & Jim for their vision, and @ShineIDStudio, @BrantleySnipesLandscapeDesign, @ThriveHelena (a fab design firm that runs youth programs from its Helena HQ) and Ryan Biles Architecture for giving gorgeous new life to this old-fashioned building downtown.

Srsly: if you love good food, good people, or just a good photo opp -- come see the @GrumpyRabbitLonoke.

And say hi to the people who make it great! Gina -- called Gigi by those who love her best -- just gave the whole team birthday bonuses. How wonderful to see big-hearted small businesses supporting their staff.

... Especially in a rough first year to open a new restaurant -- oof. It's testament to both the Grumpy Rabbit and the Lonoke community that it's still doing so well.

Congrats to the whole team. Here's to many more great Grumpy years ahead!

The Grumpy Rabbit staff celebrates the restaurant's 1st birthday! January 20, 2022 (c) Shared Experiences USA


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