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The flag you hang on your front door

What’s this “Stennis flag” all about?

Proud Mississippian Sanford Johnson broke it down for us.

He explains, “Your state flag is pretty much what you hang on your front door,” and answers the question, “do you really feel unwelcome?”

Check out Sanford’s Stennis flag, and listen for info on how to call your Representative with YOUR opinion and experience (link below). As he asks us, “This is your symbol. What kind of symbol do you want?”

Here’s what this flag design represents:

  • PATRIOTISM. Nineteen stars form a circle around the larger center star, which represents Mississippi as the 20th state to join the nation in 1817.

  • UNITY. The circular shape symbolizes unity and continuity, and is drawn from artifacts of indigenous peoples to our Mississippi region.

  • SERVICE. The central blue star symbolizes the Mississippi spirit of service by drawing inspiration from the Service Star flag, which honors active-duty service members.

  • SPIRITUALITY. The white field on which the stars rest represents spirituality and possibility.

  • HONOR. The red color represents the blood spilled by Mississippians, whether civilian or military, who have honorably given their lives in pursuit of liberty and justice for all.

- From Laura Stennis at

Find your representative here: and more info at

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