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Strategic planning & Delta crops: all in the timing

It's all in the timing: farmers know the difference a day makes.

Plant too early and your fields flood (= fewer seedlings root = lower yield = less $). Plant too late, and your grade (= quality = $) suffers from a late harvest amidst autumn rains. Now that hunting season is over, your fav farmers are returning to their spreadsheets to finalize what they'll plant, when.

They balance financial forecasts with #plantscience of what performs best on their land...and sometimes their own excitement about cool new seed varieties to try. It's why we appreciate math and science teachers -- and what makes farmers more than mere tractor jockeys.

Farms everywhere are getting ready to GO as soon as it's time to plant. Whether planning our own garden or just brighter days outside -- we can relate! 🌱

Pictured: morning #fog and #frost on the @heatonpecans orchard and ready rows that'll soon host a soybean crop in the #mississippidelta.

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