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Shared Experiences USA: Pivoting in the Time of Corona

I was working on Cool Things, had some momentum in work and life... until this hit.

How bout y'all? Sounds like everyone's reeling.

Oversharing my own startup (now pending, or transforming) adventures in travel, small business and PIVOTING: (I'll share mine if you share yours??)

Shared Experiences USA is a social impact company connecting people with one another.  That was supposed to happen in person.  When people travel.  Launching at Clarksdale's big @JukeJointFestival in April.  Umm NOPE to all that!

But here's what can still happen: we can still connect.  We still want to travel.  The musicians, businesses, nonprofits & people who rely on Juke Joint in our town...they're really hurting. So maybe we can still do something.

I've been talking with other business owners. Everyone's losing customers, clients, income. Even in industries you wouldn't expect. A lot of us aren't sure how our in-person work translates online. Ex: I'd been collaborating with Ben on creating jobs and internships for @merakiroastingcompany graduates. Meraki's job training for local kids succeeds bc it's intensive, hands-on, one-on-one. Ben is sharp, innovative, and certain there's SOME way to work with their new cohort online...he just doesn't know how.  Yet.

I'm pivoting.

Shared Experiences cannot wait to welcome customers in person...whenever that is.

If we survive that long. ("If." That's the other thing. If I'm being emotionally honest, I'm scared. I and a great team worked so hard to make these dreams come true, and still believe in them so much... But how does a new startup, or any business, or anyone, survive this? Real people won't. It's sad, and it's scary.) In the meantime, we're gonna #DoThisThing online. Whatever that looks like.

We built this to connect people, and share our special, small towns with the world.  We build it to help our community, and have fun.  So we're gonna start taking it online.

We'll figure it out as we go...which is the best any of us can do.  Come join us.

And share your own experiences!  How are y'all doing?  Anyone else working on pivoting?

The Crossroads in the Time of Corona (c) Shared Experiences USA

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