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Behind the scenes at Clarksdale Soundstage

#behindthescenes Director David has finally made it out of California and back to Clarksdale -- and we're trying something cool with Carol and Gary Vincent today! They run the Clarksdale Soundstage downtown, and have a 4-camera setup for their performance now#LiveFromClarksdale. Morgan Freeman records all his voiceovers here, and Gary's done a couple Grammy-winning albums with local superstars like @charliemusselwhiteofficial here too. Between his original songs, Gary's now telling fun stories about his days songwriting in Nashville, and has a badass and superfun audience of folks tuning in from all over the world. It's a fine #SundayFunday indeed.

You can join the fun at our@livefromclarksdaleFB page. 🎸


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